4 Things to look out for when buying a fan

Fans provide a quick cooling solution in ones homes or workplace. You can also use a fan to ventilate or dry an area. The new technology has added some features that have made fans a viable option for cooling and providing comfort. Fans are more economical than air conditioners for light cooling tasks. Before buying a fan, you need to look out for the following four things.

1. The reason you need a fan

When searching for the right fan, you first need to know why you require one. If you intend to install it in a commercial place, then you need a heavy-duty fan. A heavy-duty fan will ventilate large, open spaces and meet specific cooling needs. These fans are built to withstand harsh conditions and continued operations.

If you want to install the fan in your house, you need a residential fan. These fans are made with versatility in mind, and most of them come in sleek styles and different colors. You may consider buying a quiet fan for your home, and A Quiet Refuge is the best place to look for one.

If you want to repair an indoor environment that has suffered water damage, you need to purchase a water-damage restoration fan. These type of fans are stackable and have many positioning options for effective drying. Some fans are flexible to use in both residential and commercial spaces. However, mind your reasons for needing a fan.

buying a fan

2. The type of fan

Different manufacturers create fans differently. Most fans consist of blades, housing, a motor, and a structure to keep it upright. However, because of the diverse designs and functions, not all fans fit such a standard prototype. The following common design types can help you find what you want.

  • Tower fans have a vertical housing unit.
  • Freestanding floor fans have a traditional blade and a housing attached to an upright pole.
  • Desk and tabletop fans are placed on desks and without occupying much space.

3. Where you are going to put the fan

The place you intend to put your fan will guide your choice of fan, size, power requirements, and cooling capability. Some fan styles will include desk, portable, and freestanding fans. Some commercial fans also include wheels and handles to the design for added mobility. Others allow you to mount them on walls, clipped to a table or place them on a tripod. Several features influence where to put a fan. For example, short power cords will allow you to set the fan near the power source.

4. The cooling power you need

Depending on how you intend to use the fan, you must consider the amount of cooling power you want the fan to produce. Look at the Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM), which is the measure of airflow, indicated on the fan. CFM is especially important when purchasing heavy-duty fans. In addition, the power production is related to power consumption. If you want to cut down on cooling cost, look at how much power the fan will consume in relation to what cooling power it will produce.

Note down the features you need in a fan to simplify your search.

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