5 Tips to Setting Up a New Blu-ray DVD Player

Buying and setting up new a device can be challenging for most people. If it’s your first time setting up a Blu-ray DVD player, the first thing you do is to read the device manual. This instructional manual can help you figure things out.

Here are five tips you can implement to set up your new Blu-ray DVD player

1. Use a HDMI cable

When setting up your Blu-ray DVD player, using a HDMI cable will give you the clearest video and audio transmission. Besides giving you the highest quality images and sound you can get from a Blu-ray device, HDMI cables are easy to connect and simple enough for anyone to do it. If you are connecting the Blu-ray DVD player directly to a television, all you need to do is to insert one end of the HDMI cable to the TV’s HDMI input and the other to the DVD’s HDMI output. If your television does not have a HDMI input, you can use the component video output. It is a cable with three outputs of different colours. You need to match these to the corresponding ones on your TV and Blu-ray DVD player. Unfortunately, most players come with the HDMI output only these days. So before you make the purchase, ensure you confirm compatibility. You can also check out Taber’s Best Reviews to find the best devices to purchase that will suit your needs.

5 Tips to Setting up a New Blu-ray DVD Player

2. Set the right video resolution and frame rate

Once the devices have been put on, you may need to adjust the video resolution of your TV. People with new TV models don’t have to adjust this because their TVs will work fine with the automatic setting of the DVD which is usually the highest resolution that the TV can work with. If you need to adjust your resolution, you will just have to go to the Menu options for setting up and look for a TV set-up option. Once there, you can choose the resolution that will work best with your TV. You might need to research about that online to find what works best for your particular TV.

3. Choose the correct aspect ratio/shape for your TV

While setting up in the Menu section, there will be an option that allows you to select the TV shape. It will most likely be called the Aspect ratio. This is usually a matter of preference, and you can come back and change it later if you don’t like the shape or size of the video on your screen.

4. Set your preferred Audio format

If you are using the Blu-ray DVD player while only connected to the TV, then you will not need to change these settings at all. The sound will work fine in the automatic stereo output setting. If you’re using any other connection other than a direct HDMI cable connection, you might want to check on the audio settings and activate the audio settings that work best for your devices.

5. Connect your Blu-ray player to your home WIFI network

New models of Blu-ray DVD players can connect to the internet. This isn’t a must (you don’t have to do it) but it is helpful especially if you want to be able to stream content from the internet. It also helps to keep your firmware updated.

These 5 tips will help you setup your new Blu-ray DVD player easily.

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